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From the burning couches of Morgantown to the overt public intoxication of Columbus, fall Saturdays have a special meaning for the ‘Eye and the ‘Eer  — and not just for our two favorite teams. If it involves college football, we’ll blog about it with our own somewhat reasonable, somewhat rational take.

Now for some bio information about your authors:

Tom Perry (WVU graduate)
In a former life, I was a sports reporter and sports editor. In 2008, I teamed up with Phil, a good friend and another former sports editor to blog and do a podcast about college football. That’s right, we do it for free.

I continue to attend and watch too many college football games in the fall, including Division III games. Among the most memorable games I have seen in person was the 1984 Orange Bowl when Bernie Kosar led the Hurricanes to a 31-30 win over No. 1 Nebraska and the 1988 Penn State-WVU game when Major Harris personally embarrassed the Nittany Lions with his passing and running skills in a 51-30 win at Mountaineer Field.

I’ve been around football my whole life as my father was a high school coach for nearly 30 years, and many of those players went on to play at some of the biggest programs (Michigan, Florida State, Miami, West Virginia, and so on). I’m not sure any of this qualifies me to write about the game, but we’ll find out.

Phil Shie (OSU graduate)

My brain was washed with scarlet and gray at an early age, attending my first Rose Bowl at the age of 4 and calling for Woody Hayes to be fired at 7. I’ve attended such notable Ohio State games as the 1978 Gator Bowl (Woody punch) the 1990 Liberty Bowl (loss to Air Force) and the 1989 Ohio State-Michigan/Desmond Howard is a D-Bag contest.

Despite this, I continue to live and die with the Buckeyes on Saturday and eventualy my life of suffering was rewarded in 2002 with a national championship. Which was great, except now I just want another one.

While I’m not a season-ticket holder, I haven’t missed a home Buckeye game in years and routinely shell out $70 for a ticket like it’s crack cocaine.

Like Tom I spent some time as a sportswriter and editor and found I got tired of writing about sports I didn’t care about, which was most of them. But college football was the exception. From August-January you can find me either at Ohio Stadium or on my couch watching college football. And that’s the way I like it.

We hope you enjoy what you read and feel free to contact us at eyeandeer@gmail.com or leave comments on our stories.