Cowboy Up: Rich Rod has no problem doing it

For three years at Michigan, Rich Rodriguez never looked comfortable. He was taking flak for leaving his alma mater for the Wolverines and very few folks were embracing him in Ann Arbor. I'm on the record as saying Rich Rod will one day return to Morgantown and coach WVU again, but the more I see […]

Georgia Southern’s video hits the mark, move to FBS questioned

Georgia Southern knows how to make an announcement. The above video is part of a comprehensive way in which the Stateboro, Ga., university announced it would make the jump from FCS to FBS in 2014. That's when the storied program will become a member of the Sun Belt Conference. I know programs like Marshall and […]

10 Most Likely BCS Championship Matchups in 2014

It probably didn't take Nick Saban long to start thinking about a third consecutive BCS Championship. If Alabama does pull off the legacy-defining accomplishment, the Crimson Tide will also claim the final BCS crown. Starting with the 2014 season, the 125 Division I football teams will try to win a national championship through a Final […]

One more reason to hate Virginia Tech

Like I needed another reason to despise everything Virginia Tech, but then the Hokies go and make a Harlem Shake video. And can someone tell what the hell is Frank Beamer doing?

Wildcat Family Fight

The Gildan New Mexico Bowl didn't have a great audience, and I'm sure the TV audience wasn't much better, but what a way to get the bowl season going. Not only did Arizona rally from 17 points down in the fourth quarter to win 49-48, but down 21-7 in the first quarter nose tackle Tevin […]

Yep, those are college football fans

It appears Ohio State made the cut, but not WVU as ESPN’s new late-night show UNITE gives us every college football fan in 53 seconds. You got to love the TEEEEEEEBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

Akron Zips football poster: Try not to vomit

As an Ohio-based blog, we felt a certain obligation to post the Akron Zips 2012 football poster. Apparently when you hire a new coach, especially one with the Bowden name, you have no choice but to plaster his face on all of your promotional materials. However, as a marketing executive I have always made it […]

Eye And Eer featured at

That’s right, a story I wrote for Crystal Ball Run became the lead story at on its College Football page. I’ve been fortunate over the years to land some stories in some of the nation’s top newspapers, etc. But it’s still cool when your work is noticed by one of the major sports hubs. […]

Bobby Petrino lied? No way!

Bobby Petrino may be one heckuva football coach, but anyone who is surprised by the recent firestorm that he’s involved with now hasn’t paid attention to his history. I’ll be shocked if Arkansas actually fires the guy, but at least the AD has taken the right step by putting Petrino on administrative leave. We’ll see […]

25 College Football Players Facing the Most Scrutiny Next Season

Matt Barkley should be applauded for returning for his final season at USC, and taking a shot at building on his legacy. There are still those who will rip him for passing up the NFL’s money and risking his health for the Trojans and Lane Kiffin one more season. So if Barkley has a bad […]

10 players more likely to win a Heisman than a BCS crown

Michigan improved greatly in Brady Hoke’s first season, and it would only be natural for the UM fans to think 2012 could be their year. The odds of winning a BCS National Championship are OK, but not outstanding. However, it would not shock many if dual-threat quarterback Denard Robinson finally put together a full season […]

College Football’s 15 Best Coaching Rivalries

On the whole, college football coaches get along because they understand each other better than anyone else. But there are a few relationships that were fractured on the recruiting trail or because of past dealings. In the case of Mack Brown and Bob Stoops, it seems these two have faced off so many times that […]

College Football’s 25 Most Influential People

SEC commissioner Mike Slive is a shrewd businessman, but he’s not alone. College football is loaded with individuals who wield a lot of power and they aren’t afraid to use it when they need to. Do you think Nick Saban doesn’t cash a few chips when he needs to? It’s not limited to coaches and […]