Tressel’s contract extended. Shocker.

In news as unexciting as his demeanor, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel’s contract was extended Wednesday. Apparently Tressel turned down a raise on the new contract which will run until 2015.

In coaching contract extensions are pretty much worthless and amount to legalese translation of “here’s what we’re going to pay you when we fire your ass.” But in this case, the extension is probably more about recruiting as the Tressel retirement rumors will likely begin to start in a couple years.

But the interesting part, according to a tweet from OSU beat writer Ken Gordon of the Columbus Dispatch, is that this new contract contains a provision that if Tressel doesn’t finish this entire extension, he gets a job as an assistant athletic director.

That’s interesting on two fronts: A) Tressel was the AD at Youngstown State and reportedly loved the work and B) his previous contract guaranteed Tressel a spot on the faculty.

Seems to indicate the Senator is thinking about retirement. Maybe not next year, but coming sooner than most Buckeye fans are prepared for.