Are We Sure Bill Stewart isn’t Coaching WVU?

Maybe West Virginia should reconsider that lawsuit against the Big East after all.

Dana Holgorsen’s team could really use another year or two in the minor leagues before getting called up to the Big 12.

Saturday afternoon’s 38-35 upset loss at home to Louisville almost assuredly ends WVU’s hopes of a Big East championship this year.

The Mountaineers, who were almost everyone’s favorite to win the conference, are now 6-3 overall and 2-2 in league play. For years, WVU has been clamoring for national respect. What the Mountaineers don’t seem to get is you earn it on the field.

Hey West Virginia, it’s time to stop thinking you are an elite program and start playing like one. Could you ever imagine Alabama losing to Vanderbilt or Ohio State losing to Indiana?

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