Big East Playing Hardball with WVU

Apparently, West Virginia was a bit presumptuous.

The Big East and its embattled commissioner John Marinatto aren’t in a negotiating mood. Instead, they are in a litigious mood.

On Friday, the conference decided to pursue its own legal action against WVU. The Big East filed a suit in the Superior Court for the State of Rhode Island, Providence County. In the suit, the conference seeks an order that would make WVU comply with Big East bylaws.

This response is not a huge surprise as the programs that still remain have been adamant that they will hold he leftovers hostage for the next 27 months. So as of today, Pittsburgh and Syracuse won’t leave for the ACC and WVU won’t jet around the Big 12 until the 2014 season.

“Today’s legal action underscores the Big East Conference’s stated position that it will vigorously pursue the enforcement of its rights and West Virginia University’s obligations under the conference’s Bylaws which West Virginia formally agreed to and helped construct,” Marinatto said in the official release.

So does this mean the door is closed on any of the three leaving before the 27-month waiting period?

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