Virginia Tech back on the schedule in 2021

tech-wvuTake the time to ponder this for a moment: the next time WVU plays Virginia Tech the guys taking the field in that game are currently in elementary school and junior high.

The two nationally relevant programs announced today that they will square off again in 2021 (Morgantown, W.Va.) and 2022 (Blacksburg, Va.). The fact these two rivals could put any differences aside and find a way to get back on the field is great for both programs and college football.

It seems highly unlikely that either coach will still be with the respective programs, but the Black Diamond Trophy is on the line again. Of course, we have to play eight more college football seasons before we get this game, but you can bet I'll be getting my tickets.

You see, I miss this regional match ups. I want Pitt and Penn State back on the schedule. I actually wish the college presidents would come to their senses and remake the conferences based on regions and not TV markets. But I digress.

Today is a time to praise the ADs for these two programs for making it happen. It also ratchets up my disgust for that overrated program from the ACC.